It’s a Happy Wednesday…

…thanks to my kids:

*Ethan, my six year old, just told his dad that “Mom is hot! I see why you married her.” 🙂

*Nate let me help him with his dinosaur project, and has recited all of his spelling words to me with no errors. 🙂

*I caught Ashley reading my blog… on her own…no guilt-trip or anything. 🙂

*Kayleigh has successfully finished Algebra II (something I never did). 🙂

So, my family is awesome, and I am still pretty to my six year old (even though my nose is runny, and I sound like a smoking seal)!

What more could an almost-forty, mother of four ask for?

Happy Wednesday.


4 thoughts on “It’s a Happy Wednesday…

  1. If your children were quiet, that would not necessarily be calm… With four, I’m sure you’ve got your hands full and never a dull moment.

    I was raised with 7 siblings and am more appreciative of them every day. We were allowed to speak up and learned to discuss respectfully.

    I am so happy to hear you are spending time with yours! God Bless and Keep you All.


  2. Thanks for the blessing – and the reminder. They grow fast – and sometimes life moves to fast to notice. May you be blessed as well. Peace.


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