Lolly’s House…

Being a grandmother…now, three times over, the holidays take on a bigger significance for me.  After becoming a mother many, many years ago, things shifted to being about the children…my children. Holidays became a whirlwind of happiness and exhaustion!  Now, my children’s generation is experiencing that whirlwind first-hand, and I’m able to plan for each event with a little more energy since I don’t have to be up at night for the 3am feedings…

Even though I still have one child at home, I’m trying to find my new role as the supporter and enabler. My house is transitioning from “Mom’s House” to “Lolly’s House”.  But what does that mean for me as a woman…a person?

I’ve never looked at becoming a grandmother as a lesser-role. As far as responsibility and influence go, it’s like the rest of my life: as my age increases, so should my wisdom and influence…

And if that’s the case, then I have an increased responsibility to use that influence not just in my immediate family, but also everywhere I have a voice.

I think many women struggle to find their voice or their place as their nest becomes more and more empty. For me, I choose to tackle this by constantly filling my nest…

Every year my nest gets fuller, rather than emptier.  I could have never had biological children at all and I still could grow my nest and increase my influence.  

All women have a voice and a place regardless of their motherhood status.

So, how does this paradigm shift in my life affect my every day?  How does it affect my view of the holidays?

Well, of course, my role as “Lolly” is enriched by thinking about the holidays through the eyes of my grandchildren, but what if I didn’t have all these kids to help me find my role?

Halloween clarifies this for me every year.

If you know me, you know that I’m not a big celebrator of Halloween… The creepy and the scary is just not my thing.  In fact, when my kids were little, we basically just pretended that the day didn’t exist.  

Left to my own devices and in my own comfortability, I would just turn the lights out and act like no one is home…

But as I’ve gotten older and my influence has increased, I have begun to look at the world around me less from the perspective of my own comfort and more from the perspective of others.

Hospitality has become something that I cherish.  It’s become like an art-form for me.  So I don’t really feel that I have the luxury to not think about others during the holidays…

It’s not just about me anymore.

Nothing brings this fact into focus more than Halloween.

If it’s truly about others and making them feel loved and cherished, then I have to take a second look at this holiday.  The truth is that there is no other day of the year that people of all kinds come eagerly to my door…they bring their most precious possession: their children to my door and allow me to “ooh” and “aw” over their costumes, they let me give their little ones gifts in the form of treats…

They ask me to be hospitable and kind.

I have the privilege of showing them what coming to my house feels like…Lolly’s House. It may very well be the only visit to a grandmother’s house that they will get to experience during the whole of the holiday season. It may very well be the only kindness they experience all day…week…year.

I may be overstating the significance of this one day…but what if I’m not?

I’ve begun to look for meaning in life not just from being a mother or how many kids I have been blessed with, but rather how much of a blessing I can be to as many as God brings into my path.  And since I’ve begun to look for these opportunities, I’ve found my place.

So no matter how full or empty my nest is, I’m still “Lolly” and there’s always kindness to be shared at my house…Lolly’s House.❣️

And that makes me smile, even if I have to wade through scary clown costumes to do it!😱

Peace to you…


The Happiest Wednesday of All!

Happy Wednesday!

22 years ago, my life changed forever…for the better!

And just 2 weeks ago…on a very happy Wednesday, my life changed again!!

When I was just 20 years old, I had my firsborn love, Kayleigh Hannah.

My beautiful baby girl!


She stole my heart then, and became a complete joy to her father and me as she grew into a woman after God’s heart.

Then, 2 years ago this month, she married Barry Oser, and he became a beloved part of our family as well.

And just 2 weeks ago, they made Byron and me so happy when they made us grandparents to the cutest little boy ever:  Truett James Oser!

This is “True” sleeping today in my arms!

Baby “True” sleeping soundly in Lolly’s arms!

So, Happy Wednesday, everyone!

It’s especially happy for “G” and “Lolly” (our names from now on!! 😉 )

I’ve heard it said that if I had known that being a grandparent was this much fun, I would have had them first, but I think it’s just the right order this way.

Getting to be “Lolly & G” to such a wonderful little boy, with many more to follow,  is just the icing on the cake after having been blessed to have such wonderful kids like ours!

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”  – 3 John 1:4
(Love, Lolly)

Back in Blogland

So, we woke up Friday morning with no cable or internet…

The boys were home with us all day, so they weren’t happy about not being able to watch t.v. on their day off…

But, our time cut-off from technology was very productive. I was able to redeem myself, by painting for a couple of hours. The room looks totally different with the cedar paneling painted and new curtains…sometimes it’s just time for a change.

We went to Jennie’s mom’s funeral this morning. It was very honoring of her memory – please continue to pray for the Flannigan/Jacobson family.

It’s rainy and cool today, not what I expected, but a nice change of pace for Florida…

As we were “redecorating” yesterday I thought, “Where will the Christmas tree go?”…I would say that it seems crazy that I’m thinking about that again already (it seems like it just was Christmastime), but everytime we’ve moved or looked at a house/apartment, I’ve asked that question. It’s always a consideration for me – where will all of the trees go…I like one in every room…

We watched “Evan Almighty” for the first time last night. It was very good…very inspirational. I think I’ll watch it again soon – when I need to be encouraged…

I feel more like myself now that I have my laptop working again – it was so odd to not be able to blog…

Of course, since it’s now Saturday, I know my readership stats are low anyway…at least until tomorrow night. So, basically, I could write anything…I could really get some junk off my chest if I wanted to. Hmm…


There’s enough hating going on in Blogland without me joining in today…

Instead, I think I’ll go feed my songbirds (even though they still haven’t returned…) and enjoy my Saturday.

I’ll wait for my cranes to come and sing to me tonight…I look forward to them now. I hope they don’t ever leave…

But, things change – things come and go…

I’m getting too close to the edge now – time to go sit outside and get centered.


Goodbye, Day.



So, I was writing about the sky (beautifully pink and lavender), the cranes (making their final pass across and away), and the crickets and tree frogs (warming up to play through the night).

I knew the beauty of the sunset (the reflection of it…since we’re in the east) was fading fast…

Then I got distracted.

I thought I hit save.

My post faded and disappeared with the beautiful evening sky…


Oh well, it’s enough that I got to witness it…I can be poetic another day.

Today was a long day – busy, not so much physically, but emotionally and mentally. Draining.

None of the kids have school tomorrow, so we get a reprieve from the early morning “fire drill” before school…we might actually get to sleep in until 6:30 or so.

We’ll probably finish painting the sunroom (I mean “we’ll” figuratively as Byron is the only one who’s actually done any work – I’ve just supervised), then maybe go to the park…

So, another day is winding down.

I do have to say that I’m not too sad to see this one go. It’s just one of those days when I look forward to going into my little nest, closing the curtains, putting on something flannel and unattractive, and just shutting the world out…just a little.