A Fight for Love

I think it’s fitting to write about social issues today. In part, in honor of my friend Leigh Ann’s birthday. I love Leigh Ann’s raw honesty and humor, but lately I have been amazed and challenged by her heart. She is someone who I can honestly say has fought her traditional views of Christianity, God and the church – even to the point of sacrifice. She has been honest in her struggles and transparent in her questioning of the true mission of Christ. She is developing a real sense of being “others focused”, and it is a beautiful transformation. Happy birthday, Leigh Ann. You challenge me and make me laugh. Thanks. You rock, and love does win. Peace.

I don’t desire that my blog be a place for political commentary.

And if I were going to discuss politics, I more than likely wouldn’t be in the same camp with a President from Columbia University.

But, today, I am in agreement – because after all, the Columbia President (Lee Bollinger) – who spoke before Iran’s President Ahmadinejad – spoke more about freedom and the recognition of evil, than just recycling a bunch of political rhetoric.

His passionate speech was about the triumph of good over evil. It was about vigilantly holding brutal tyranny accountable for human suffering. It was about freedom and truth.

These are to be the ideals of the church, but one rarely hears these things from the evangelical pulpit. Why?

Why do we seem afraid to have discourse about issues of social justice? Is it not in the heart of God to “plead the case of the oppressed”? Are we terrified of being labeled “liberal” or worse?

It’s a difficult path for the Christ-follower to travel. To marry an evangelical passion for each person’s soul and eternity with a passion to meet the practical and social needs of the down-trodden. It is difficult, but following Christ demands that we try, even to the point of sacrifice.

Are we too afraid of labels or misunderstanding to be proactive…or just too lazy?

This speech today, from someone with whom I would most likely be on the polar opposite end of the political spectrum, reminded me of the things going on around the world that I am likely to forget in my comfortable, suburban, American existence. It reminded me of what the absence of love…of God can cause.

So, how do we fight brutality and evil – with love. And love demands action. The action of love is powerful, but it should be because it is of God. God is love, and if we are about the things of God, then we are about love.

Love hears, sees and demands action, and the best part is…LOVE WINS.

But, we do have to get in the game.


4 thoughts on “A Fight for Love

  1. …as iron sharpens iron, girl. I hope you had a great day – check out the video on Byron’s blog. It’s pretty cool. I’m glad you were born:-) Love ya! Angie.


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