The Remains of the Day

Today was a good day.

C3 was wonderful. We continued in the series The End, and the message was riveting. Thinking about eternity really makes you think twice about the trivial things you waste time doing when so many people still don’t know the love of God. If Christ returned tomorrow would I be satisfied with how I spend my time? Hmm…?

The music was great. Since Darrell and Andrea are enjoying their cruise, Josh led worship. The energy was great again, and we continue to have many decisions and see new faces. It’s awesome…and humbling.

We had a good lunch, and a nap in the stormy weather – There just isn’t anything like a Sunday afternoon nap when it’s raining! It was lovely.

Then, I went out with some girls for Leigh Ann’s birthday.

We went to Season’s 52, so I was able to have a very healthy salmon salad.

I did have some dessert, but since they serve it in little shot glasses…how much could I really eat? Wouldn’t you like to know! And I did have a cappuccino…decaf – (that may be a first for me!).

It was a great meal with even better company.

Now Byron and I are watching Dallas play – he loves Dallas, but they’ve been known to disappoint him – so, it looks like a win, but he’s careful not to get his hopes up too high.

So, it’s been another great Sunday.

Now I’ve got to go sleep off my sugar high.

Until tomorrow – Peace!

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