Five Simple Steps…

There are so many times when I realize I need to simplify…especially when I’m pondering making major life-changes.  It can just seem overwhelming!  So, it’s helpful to me to take things in manageable pieces.  With that in mind, here are five simple steps to move toward a healthier lifestyle to promote a well-working immune system that can prevent and even fight disease:

  1. Flood your system with good things!  The way that I do this is not through synthetic supplements, but through the most basic foods ever created – juicing organic fruits and vegetables!  I started with an extraction juicer – you can find a pretty good one at Walmart or on Amazon for around $50 – the best kind of juicer is the “cold-pressed” kind, though, because no nutrients are lost from the heat of the motor. I chose to start small and work my way up, and when I found a great deal on a cold-pressed juicer, I snapped it up!  Remember, that if you just juice once a day, you are getting vital – disease fighting – nutrients right into your bloodstream absorbed just as quickly as alcohol.  To me, that was worth the expense…it’s definitely cheaper than all my trips to various specialists and just one round of certain medications.  *Always, always only juice certified organic fruits and vegetables because it’s so concentrated – any pesticides or chemicals used on conventional foods would also flood your system and can lead to horrible side-effects.
  2. De-stress!  This is a tough one…for all of us!  There are so many things that we can’t control…most things, actually.  So, I find that if I tackle the things that really bother me – that are within my control – one at a time, I feel much more empowered!  If your not sure what that one thing is today, think back to last night…what crossed your mind as you tried to go to sleep.  Maybe it’s as simple as sending a text or an email that you’ve been putting off, maybe it’s cleaning out that closet, or maybe you just need to let yourself off the hook for something you’ve been beating yourself up about.  Don’t just bury it, deal with it.  One step at a time.  And then when your struggling to go to sleep, tell yourself what you did accomplish, make a mental plan for how you’ll tackle the next thing on your list, then let it go and allow yourself to take some deep breaths and rest!
  3. Replace one bad habit with one good one!  For me, this came down to coffee…  I love, adore, dig, am enamored with, etcetera…COFFEE!  Yeah, it’s pretty much a love-affair… But, for me, it’s also a “gateway drug” to an unhealthy day. If I got my coffee, full of lovely chemicals and sugar, I wouldn’t feel hungry for hours and would forget to eat until I felt horrible and needed to grab whatever I could lay my hands on, regardless of it’s nutritional value.  So, when I finally made up my mind to give it up, it was a huge decision… But, I replaced my beloved coffee with organic green tea with raw, unfiltered honey.  Now, not only am I not getting the bad chemicals and sugar, but I am allowing myself to feel revived by natural anti-oxidants.  Green tea also is a mild anti-depressant which is very helpful as I deal with my “bad breakup”!  Remember:  Our habits determine our destiny!
  4. Love others by loving yourself!  This is a tough one for moms…especially Christian moms.  I think we are wired to feel guilty…about most things, but especially about seeming to “love ourselves”.  But I’m not talking about conceit or some sort of “selfie-fest”, I’m talking about taking care of yourself so that you can more properly and more joyfully take care of others.  Your children and significant others will thank you if you think about yourself enough to be the healthiest and happiest version of who you were created to be.  Sometimes I’ve been guilty of using my position as “Mom”, “Wife” or “Lolly” as a reason to not be more healthy…especially when I’m in the kitchen…baking… I feel like everyone just likes me better if I hand them a bundt cake rather than a glass of kale juice.  It’s a trap!  The reality is that moms…all people have to make difficult choices every day.  Don’t worry, they would rather have you than your bundt cake, and there are juices that even my grandsons love! Put yourself first when it comes to your nutrition…there’s no one else who can do it for you!
  5. Ask your Creator to show you the way!  Educate yourself.  Research…study…don’t just take that bad diagnosis or that chronic pain at face value.  You can give yourself the tools to be a stronger, more vital version of your current self.  As long as there is breath and a God in Heaven, there is hope.  Don’t give up.  If you feel terrible, ask God to give you strength to take one more step.  Go outside, breath the fresh air!  We were given each day to make the most of it – regardless of our physical limitations!  You have the power to change!  When I am tempted to feel hopeless, I pray, then I read, then I find something that encourages me to charge ahead. *This Friday after I left the neurosurgeons office, I prayed and read, then I watched the documentary “Forks over Knives” because Ruth Heidrich beat breast cancer and she inspires me!

You don’t have to do everything to make changes.  Just take one step at a time!  And always remember that it’s never too late to make a different choice and to begin a new journey!  Your challenge is your calling…and you are not alone!

Peace to you…

Angie ❣

One thought on “Five Simple Steps…

  1. Hi Angie, I just read this post along with a few others and was stunned at how much we share in common. Thank you for sharing some of your life and experiences via your blog. I look forward to learning from you and praying for and with you… I’d love to connect sometime.

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