Life is funny… Sometimes it’s “ha ha” funny…and sometimes it’s just “scratch your head” funny. I’ve been on a different kind of path lately, one in which one wouldn’t automatically think there would be much “bliss” to be found.

But I’m finding it. Daily. Funny…

I recently found out that I have a, most-likely benign, brain tumor. I probably wouldn’t even know it was there except for the fact that it’s pressing on both my brain stem and my spinal cord.

So, anyway…yeah…about that bliss-thing.

I don’t normally associate “bliss” with something that continually disrupts my vision, my memory and my ability to…well, not walk like someone who’s spent a little too much time at “Happy Hour”, but this new normal is opening up a whole new world to me.

Much to the chagrin of many, including some of my doctors, I have determined to get to the bottom of why my body could allow a tumor like this to form, and to attack the “why” first before I consider other methods of dealing with this “thing” that is disrupting my life so profoundly. In other words, if I don’t deal with the “why” then it …or something worse will just come back, following whatever treatment modern medicine throws my way. So, I’m choosing to deal with this in a more holistic way – mainly through an 80% raw, vegan diet.

And, of course, I believe that my days are numbered by my Heavenly Father… I’m just determined to do my part. I will take control of the things that are my responsibility – like what I eat and drink – and leave what’s outside my control to God.

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the Women of C3 Church, and I said:

“Your mountain is your ministry. Your pain is your platform. Your challenge is your calling.”

So, this is my time. Time to practice what I preach…This is my opportunity to prove what I already know to be true:

*God has numbered my days, and He knows exactly where I am and what I’m walking through.

*God has made a way for me to receive ultimate healing and eternal life through His Son, Jesus.

*Whatever happens to my physical body, whatever living in this fallen world does to me, is really of no consequence.

*What matters is my response – what I do with whatever blessings or struggles God allows to cross my path.

*There is opportunity to see the Hand of God in every crisis, and every pain that I feel is a point of contact with someone else…

*So these struggles are just blessings in disguise!

Byron and I now know more fully what others go through when they receive a bad diagnosis, or they have fear…or they feel like they have more questions than answers. We now have a deeper understanding that everyone has a story…is facing some kind of giant or storm.

What a blessing.

What bliss.

Healing is a funny thing. You hear a lot of talk about faith and healing when you have a tumor affecting your brain…

But here’s what I know:

My God has already healed me in the way that He sees fit – so what happens to my brain or any other part of me is in His hands. And He heals me daily…from my fear of the unknown…from my pride that I may fall down or mix up words…from my need to control things that I never really could control to begin with.

He gives me peace that passes understanding.

And there is definitely bliss in that.

Peace to you…


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