Okay, so,  if you have read any of my blogs – especially “The Whispers of God” (www.thewhispersofgod.wordpress.com), then you may think there is absolutely nothing I won’t write about…that the words just roll from my fingers without thought or consequence.

Actually, there are things I have only spoken of under the cloak of a blog that has my name nowhere on it…it’s my safe and anonymous place…

…even though I have dealt with my share of criticism at my candor.


Today I found out that a dear friend of mine is risking going to jail rather than compromise her conviction to protect the rights of a victim of abuse.  This is profound to me for many reasons, but made even more significant by the timing.

Because, just yesterday, I stood in a doctor’s office and discussed the condition of my spine…specifically the lower 3 vertebrae in my neck.  The doctor expressed shock at the fact that I was just walking around with such significant trauma to my spine.  (And he knows about spinal trauma, not only because of his profession and education, but because he was paralyzed for a time due to a football injury.)

The bottom line:  Due to some of the abuse I suffered in childhood, I have an injured spine, and its a miracle that it hasn’t caused more repercussions than it has.  It’s the grace of God that I’m functioning at all.

I woke in the night – not unusual for me – thinking about how the years of abuse have affected my every day…every moment of my life, but also about those children who are less fortunate than I am…the ones who are paralyzed…or worse.

So, when I heard about my friend, so devoted to victim’s rights, I knew I just had to speak.

But, I do have a purpose in this…it’s not just to vent – there are therapists for that – it is, instead, to ask…more plead with those who may read my words:

Please don’t be blinded to the ways of the abuser, pay attention to the children around you, and if a child tells you that they’re afraid or have been victimized in any way…or worse still, if they make excuses for the abusive behavior of someone in their life, listen…and help.

I know all to well how difficult it can be to talk about abuse you’ve experienced… But, please, pay attention to those who may be placed in your path.

You may be the only “Jesus” they’ve ever known.

...and I think we all know what He would do.

I have been blessed to be delivered from being a victim, so I feel compelled to speak for those who don’t have the power to deliver themselves. Maybe God will use you to accomplish this.

Thank you in advance.