The Remains of the Day

So, my jaw is pretty much locked shut from my TMJ issues…and I’m on pain meds…

….so of course I thought “I should certainly blog right now!”


I really don’t have anything profound to write about in the “remains” of this Sunday…just a few thoughts, I guess.

I’ve been thinking a lot about functioning in love in the community, and this morning’s message at C3 Church was about how to study a verse in Scripture.

The text was Philippians 2:19-26, and in these seemingly irrelevant verses we actually find some traits that a follower of Christ should seek to grasp hold of:






As Byron was discussing these character traits, I wondered about C3 as a church.  I wondered what the community would say about us.

Now, I don’t mean what other “Christians” or other churches’ members would have to say – not that they don’t matter to God, but their opinion can’t really matter to me…lest I become distracted by a desire to just please people.

So, instead, I wondered what the “world” would have to say about us.

Have they found us to be caring…or consistent…cooperative…considerate or courageous?  And am I even conscious of whether or not I truly am any of these things to the people whom I encounter in daily life?  Do I even seek to be such simple things as cooperative and considerate?

…simple concepts.

Not always so simple to employ.

All of this made me mindful of what the world, and those in it, would have to say about me – the real me.  And it reminded me of something Maya Angelou once said:

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

How are we making people feel?

Do we make the want to know more about the God we serve…or run screaming from him?

Is our Bible Study just another way we can feel superior to those around us, or does it remind us of how much more we have yet to learn?

I can honestly say that it has been a long time since I’ve wondered if I have represented the Message of Christ well in my “caring”, “consideration”,  or by my spirit of “cooperation”.

But I’m wondering it now.

And I’m reminded of the old saying that we, as Christ-followers are like:

One beggar telling another where to find bread.

It’s just that simple.

...and it’s just that profound.

So, I guess I should act accordingly!

Sitting on the front row, waiting to sing…holding a heating pad to my throbbing jaw and hoping I could just open my mouth wide enough to make my words decipherable, I was very mindful of my fragility on a given day.  I had to ask God to give me strength…courage.

And it reminded me, yet again, that I never really know what pain someone may be experiencing…what prayers they may be whispering…

So, before the second service, I added something else to my whispered prayers…

...give me Your measure of kindness…caring….consideration.

Help me to care more about the fellow “beggars” around me even than my own desperate search for bread.

Love wins….LOVE WINS!