The Remains of the Day

Florida Sunrise

I’ve never been a morning person.  Absolutely never.  Ever.  In fact, in the “40 Days in the Word” video, this past Sunday in Community Group, Pastor Rick Warren alludes to people such as I as “some of you don’t even really believe in God before 11 am!”  Now, I don’t think I’m that bad…but those unfortunate enough to be in my presence as the sun comes up may beg to differ…

So, when Byron and I discussed setting aside a specific time and space for each of us to do our daily devotions, he was a little surprised to hear me state that I was going to get up before 6 am so I could make breakfast for the boys and have my “Quiet Time” in between.

But, when I made pancakes for Nate one day this past week that were completely raw on the inside…and never even noticed in my groggy state, I realized that it wouldn’t hurt anyone involved if I actually engaged my brain instead of just my spatula hand in the early hours of the morning…

So, once the time was established there was still  the issue of “Where?”.  I mean, since we have “downsized”, we’re basically all living in one common space aside from the bedrooms.

Then, I remembered the front porch!

So, bright & early this morning I went to the front porch…after making sure the pancakes were actually cooked…and after taking out my 3 lb chihuahua, Coco, so she could sit in my lap…

I decided I really needed hot tea.

Then I realized the porch light was burned out and it wasn’t quite so “bright” on this Autumn morning.

So, after completing all the preparations that were necessary so that I could a accomplish my goal of really being able to focus on the Word, someone passing by would have observed an obviously non-morning person having a rather lovely time reading Philippians, writing furiously, occasionally petting Coco, sipping my tea & oddly squinting next to a tiny little lamp I had stolen from the boys bedroom.

And all was right with the world.

As I sat there in the barely-light sunrise, I was reminded of one other time when I functioned like a “morning person”, and the memory was very sweet to me and encouraged me to keep it up…

I remembered going to youth camp as a teenager – most of the time to the mountains – and simply adoring getting alone, smelling the mountain air and reading the words God had for me.

It was like God gave me that memory to remind me that “His mercies are new every morning” …even in the hours before daylight.

Maybe for me, ESPECIALLY in the hours before daylight!

Now, remarkably, I am looking forward to sunrise tomorrow morning!

…even further evidence that His “mercies” really are new each morning…and wonders never cease!