My New BFFs…

So, I’ve decided I’ve had enough

I mean I know what I have to do to take my life back…

to stop looking like I have a constant case of the chicken pox…

to stop having an allergic reaction to… EVERYTHING!

…to stop having to carry around an Epi-pen just to keep from turning into a human science experiment for my 11 year old.

…to bring my Epstein Barr Virus levels down to where they don’t affect every second of my life.

…to feel like a human being again instead of just waking up each morning to see what my body tells me I did wrong the day before.

…to stop hovering at the weight at which I may or may not have been in my last trimester of each of my 4 pregnancies.

…to actually have the energy to run, walk…or even ride around in the car, for goodness’ sake!!


so beautiful…much prettier in this state than they will be in a glass…but I digress.

So, for the next….well, I don’t even know how long it’s going to take because I don’t know how toxic I really am (although I think I could ball-park it at this point!) these are my new best friends:

The Juicer.

Pray for my family.

Pray for the innocent public at large.

Pray for the Starbucks shareholders, that they will not all lose their proverbial shirts – (they will suffer immensely at the loss my business during this time…)

May I suggest that you just pray for this region of the world, in general.

It’s the right thing to do.

…just sayin’.


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