A Woman of a Certain Age…

So, certain things come with being…40…something.  One of them being tests…of the medical persuasion.  Anyway, just before our family vacation, I went in for my first mammogram.  Lovely!  Image

No big deal…after 5 pregnancies, 4 children and being highly allergic to…everything, I’m very used to tests and feeling like a human pin cushion.


Of course, none of that prepares you for the call that tells you that you need to schedule further tests…that they “noticed something” that needs a “closer look”.

It all comes with being a certain age…

So, I’m refusing to let my mind play the “what if” game.

But, still…

Anyway, if you pray and it crosses your mind to do so on Thursday morning, please pray for me.

Life can be hard…and wonderful, but still hard.  And it’s not always easy being a woman…of any age…

but, sometimes, especially a woman of a certain age.




4 thoughts on “A Woman of a Certain Age…

  1. I recently went through those “what if” mind games. I hope and pray your “closer look” comes back with the same “all clear” that I received.


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