…that passes understanding

For years, I have signed off of every post with the same word:
Peace. Pathway to Peace...

I guess it’s a theme for me…

And a wish I have for others…
the pursuit of peace.

Years ago I wrote: Inner peace is more beautiful than outward beauty void of peace.

I believe this is true, and the older I get the more valuable inner peace becomes as outward beauty becomes increasingly more fleeting.

Recently, due to some health issues I have had to stop working. This is not crucial in the sense that others can’t do the job I do…as well, if not better. It’s just that I found a great deal of satisfaction out of working…
especially since this time last year I was bedridden for 3 months!

But, I have a grandson coming in the fall, and I can’t risk being too sick to spoil him rotten, so I have to “slow down” for a little while. My Grandson!!

And this is hard.

Of course, I’ve been through things much harder, and I plan to come out on the other side wiser and stronger…
…and with peace. No matter what my circumstance, I am learning that there’s joy to be found in every day, and that every obstacle is a teacher…
and an opportunity for growth.

So, I plan to take this time to enjoy the blessings I’ve been given, pray for those who are walking through much darker times than I am, and find ways to be at peace.

…and I pray you have the blessing of feeling that kind of peace too…

peace that passes understanding!

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