It’s a good thing…

So, when I got home from work, Byron played a song that he had heard and then bought on iTunes…saying that it reminded him of me.  Very sweet….

It was even sweeter because it speaks of how he likes the “natural” me…sans makeup, etcetera…etcetera…

This is a good thing because I woke in the night with an apparent shell-fish allergy/reaction from eating out…looking like Will Smith in “Hitch”!

So, there will be no makeup…or prettiness of any kind going on tonight in my general vicinity!

Just lots of Benadryl…and very low lighting! 🙂

And the sweetness of the song just might be enough for me to forget that someone had to order shrimp last night for dinner…

(maybe I should check and see if he also increased my life insurance beforehand…)


sort of…


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