On the Road Again…

…so, we’re still in georgia – in a cool coffee shop (elements coffee co.).

we’ll get back on the road soon, but byron has a conference call…

i love visiting coffee shops around the country – you really get the vibe of the area…how people live, wherever you are.

we’ll probably make a run through wal-mart before we go…we need to get something new for the kids to watch…and for us to have to listen to while they watch…(after a while “the a team” and “dr. doolittle 2” can begin to make you crazy…er!)

i’m thinking they would love to watch something british…or at least made by a&e – like maybe “sense and sensibility”…something beautiful like that. i think after all the hours i’ve spent listening to “shrek” and anything “star wars” related, i deserve to have some say in what’s played…just a thought!

i should go now – the boys are getting bored, so i need to find something they can do – it probably will involve nick.com. oh well, so much for trying to get them to pursue higher forms of literature…

peace out…

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