the longer i live…as a “christian”,…in the ministry, i become more and more convinced that seminaries (and perhaps many sunday school “bible study/life group” classes) teach a course in how to be condescending, judgmental and rude to those who do ministry in a different way than how you’ve been indoctrinated taught.

those who minister within, volinteer at, and even attend C3 know they are expected to keep their head down when conversing with members of most other churches in this area…and when speaking to someone from another church’s staff…well, watch out! it’s usually best just to be as nice and complementary as you can, and avoid talking about anything of real value – like jesus’ passion, true life-change, or (heaven forbid) the unchurched (better known as “the great unwashed”). and if possible, don’t mention C3, or indicate in any way that you associate with a “church like that”…and don’t mention your pastor’s name – even under threat of bodily harm!

just some little tips if you want to fly under the radar…

only, the people of C3 rarely fly that close to the ground.

these local churches want to pretend like they’re switzerland…completely neutral – but when you mistreat the membership of C3 just because you “would never do it like that”; when you are purposely rude to a pastor’s wife (i’m not talking about myself…that would be redundant) just because you’ve heard gossip and slander; when you say things like “oh, you go to that church.” to a C3-er who’s at the bedside of her dying mother…

you are not neutral.

you should be ashamed.

i pray for you. because you claim to represent Christ.

to my fellow Christ-followers: keep the faith, hold your head up, and know that God sees (and the enemy hasn’t gotten any more original…well, since the beginning of time)!



6 thoughts on “anyway…

  1. I deal with the natural tendency to want to defend the vision of C3 regularly. I have never had so much fervor in my life to truly reach out to those who need Christ. It was just today I had a conversation about the ministry of C3 with some Christian women…I could feel my tendency to defend take over. Sometimes i just have to remind myself that when you shake up the traditions of the church other christians…even well intentioned ones just don’t understand. It’s not normal. I need not expect others to understand. I just truly want to love. I’m grateful for my church family that gets it. The ones that understand that taking a true stand comes at a high cost, but the changed lives are beyond worth it. So far beyond worth it I have no words in my vocabulary to express the joy of it all. Imagine that… joy in the midst of the storm… only God could be in that. So instead of defense all I do is pray for others to be stretched in a way that requires strong and decisive action so they can know true joy. Strength grows and love wins. Love ya girl!


  2. You know it! You’re one of the most graceful barbarians I know – Keep loving and reaching…unfortunately the enemy has you in his sights – but we know who wins…and what wins!
    Thanks for keeping it real – and for being on the “front lines” every day…Love you, peace out – angie.


  3. Awesome, Angie! Thanks for always telling it like it is! =) It is so sad to me that people who say they love Christ could be so hurtful to others (especially at a time like you mentioned in your post!)…but I think they’re just afraid of being stretched and of what is “different” than themselves. It’s okay though…I am reminded everyday at C3 that LOVE WINS…Thanks =) Love ya.


  4. You too, Monica. Remember…”pray and stay above the fray” – we’ll all be okay, we just have to lift each other up. Thanks for all you do. Have peace. Love, angie


  5. Angie
    What else could I add? I heard from old friends today that went to “Parkway” and want us to come “visit” their church. (almost all of our old Life group is at this “new” church)
    We love our chruch why would we want to “visit” another
    especially one that we know almost everyone including the pastor (and we drop a family member off there on Sundays before we come to C3 so I guess we do visit lol)
    Be different Be brave Be C3!
    Colleen Wilson


  6. Colleen, you are brave and God will bless your heart to serve him…thank you for your honesty and faithfulness. I know it’s been a long and winding road. Have a peaceful night. Love, Angie


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