If You Pray…

My heart is heavy today.

If you read this blog regularly…even if for purely entertainment purposes – I assume you have, or at least are comfortable with, the concept of real-life faith.

So, that in mind, I’m asking all of my readers to join me in praying for a few things that are on my heart.

  • Two of my dear friends, Jennie and Sandi, have recently lived through the loss of a parent. I’ve mentioned the passing of Sandi’s father. She writes about this in her post “Waiting for the Sunrise” (to read this click on the “C3 Wives” link to the right). Jennie’s mom passed away just yesterday morning. Please pray for the Conrad and Jacobson families – pray for comfort and strength.
  • My baby nephew, Kael, has been experiencing severe seizures over the past few months. A couple of them have been “grand mal” – one they thought was fatal, as he seemed lifeless. He had a reaction to the anti-seizure medication, so they are concerned about how to treat the seizures without causing further complications. Please pray for healing and for strength for the family (Katie, Michael and Ronin).
  • My friends, Bill and Patti, have been going through many trials – please pray for them as they hold on believing in God’s power to guide and to intervene.
  • A young C3 family is dealing with their husband/dad’s battle with stage-four cancer. Unless God intervenes, time could be short. Pray for healing and for strength. Pray for a miracle and for peace in the fight.

There are countless other needs and struggles. Every life, every heartbeat represents a story…a journey.

If you pray…please remember these. I thank you, in advance, for your faithfulness. I know God will bless you in return.

With sincerest gratitude,


8 thoughts on “If You Pray…

  1. Numbers 6:26
    the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.'”

    God is with you and your family and also friends. I will be praying that the peace of God will overtake the trails that your family and friends are going through. God has it in His hands. Be encourage. God Bless, Kim


  2. Thanks, Heather. It’s awesome to know that people can pray from different places and join together…I know God will bless your faithfulness. Have a great day. Peace.


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