Big Girls Don't Cry…much.

It’s been a busy day. We spent the day in creative planning…although I wasn’t in a very creative mood.

I woke up at 4:00 a.m….my mind spinning – thinking about friends and family that are hurting and torn. I prayed for them and for peace.

By 5:30 I just gave up and did a load of laundry.

By 10:00 I was exhausted.

But the future and carlines won’t wait…
After school, the boys and I took a trip through Lucas Nursery…they each wanted a cactus (guess it’s a boy thing – by the time we got in the car they had both stabbed themselves in the face with their new “friend”), and I was looking for roses…

After carline #2, we went to Target to get curtains for the sunroom…(my third Target, since each store has only had 2 panels – good thing O’town has a zillion Targets!).

By the time we got to the checkout, I was quite deliriously tired. I just wanted to cry…or sleep right there on the candy/gum display rack.

But, I’m a big girl…and big girls don’t cry (“…clarity…peace…serenity!)…

I’m finally home now – until Byron calls me to come back to the church…then there’s always homework, praise-band practice tonight, et cetera…et cetera…and Sugar Boy really could use another bath – he discovered how to stalk things in the bushes this morning, so…he looks like a dirty, wet rat.

Oh well, I guess I’ll save sleeping for another day…hopefully tonight.

P.S. I never found my roses, and my song-birds still haven’t returned – maybe they’re somewhere sleeping…

Peace out, for now.

3 thoughts on “Big Girls Don't Cry…much.

  1. I am jealous you went to Lucas Nursery! I took my Grandmother to Leu Gardens, but only saw 1/4 of it. We must go!! Their roses are awesome. I even saw some lady walking around with some of their clippings.


  2. No, I’m jealous of you! Clippings…really? Can you do that – I would think the plant-police would chase you down…
    I still haven’t even bought the Kilz or the paint, yet – but a painting party sounds fun. 🙂 Have a good night. Peace out.


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