Waiting for my Songbirds

the sun is setting on this day. it’s getting darker so much more quickly now.

we are having a little break from the extreme florida heat. it’s cooler now…at night, and in the mornings. i know i should enjoy it because it won’t last for long.

i sat on the back porch and listened to the cranes fly over. i love their song…it’s melancholy, though – it sounds like they are crying for something. but i noticed they were in pairs, so at least it’s not a lonely cry…

we got the sunroom ready to paint, but decided to put-off starting until tomorrow.

i need to plant some more roses. i am missing lavender and coral. my favorite are the old-fashioned ones that have a deep, strong smell and huge cabbage-like blooms – i especially like the ones that are yellow with coral tips (ashley told me those are her favorite, too).

we had pizza by the pool in the cool night air – not very healthy, but fun…and memorable.

i’m still waiting for my songbirds to return – the cardinals and the bluejays. maybe i neglected them for too long. i do hope they give me another chance. i miss them terribly, plus i really want to photograph them. maybe tomorrow evening i’ll get a picture of the cranes.

maybe the cranes are my new songbirds.

i’m okay with that. they are beautiful in their own way…everything has it’s own kind of beauty and song.



2 thoughts on “Waiting for my Songbirds

  1. You’ve certainly made me yearn for warmer days with your writing about planting roses and anticipating songbirds…here in Alberta, Canada, we’re seeing golden leaves fall off our trees. One thing that joins us and strikes our hearts just the same is music, and the thoughts and feelings it evokes. Thanks for the serene JG tune on your site…a haven of rest for your visitors.


  2. Bless you – in my mind, every fall is filled with beautifully colored leaves…and crisp mountain air – Canada sounds divine.
    Thanks for the encouraging words. It’s my desire to be a “haven”…
    May you have peace. Angie


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