Chronicles of Blonde-ia

want to blog.

need to blog.

so i guess i’ll just keep typing until something brilliant occurs to me…this could be a long day.

barry and josh are moving in together today…boy, that didn’t sound good. they’re gonna be roommates – i’m one of their adopted moms…of course, i would’ve had to have them when i was nine-ish (not really, but i’m more comfortable with that, than how old i really am).

byron cleaned off the pool deck on saturday, so i potted some new plants last night…i love new plants – i guess because they are so pretty, vibrant – full of life and promise – not as…dead as they will be in a few months. oh well, i try, but i’m easily distracted. but they look good right now, so i’m going to enjoy them. there are a bunch of roses in bloom, and i got some more song-bird seed. i miss my cardinals and blue birds – i’ve neglected them, so there weren’t as many this summer as in the past.

we took the boys to buy pumpkins last night…but we didn’t find any good ones. so, we’re still on the hunt.

i love fall, but i can’t believe it’s already that time again. i feel like it was just christmas.

i think i’ll paint the sunroom tonight – i’m just in the mood. some people get like this in the spring…i get like this more in the fall. i think it’s because i love the holidays so much, and it always motivates me to clean, decorate, bake…etc. i tend to romanticize holidays and celebrations…so, this time of year really gets me moving. i love it, but it can be exhausting…for byron, who has to finish all of my projects when i move on to the next one…

yesterday was great at c3. the energy and attendance was up. scott, the bass player, did an awesome job singing “dirty little secret”, and the message was very relevant and timely.

it won’t be long before i’m back in carlines #1 and #2. the day is flying by…

now i’m gonna go eat some salmon and brocolli – yum! seriously, that sounds lovely.

i think i’ll make caramel apple cider for the kids tonight…man, it’s going to get harder and harder to eat right as the holidays approach. if it gets really cold (for me, anything below 70), we’ll have a fire and make s’mores – then, i’ll have to go to bed because my blood sugar will be through the roof. i can’t wait!

man, now i want chocolate!

peace out.

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