Saturday, Survivor Man, and Sugar-Boy

So, it’s Saturday and we’re cleaning…again. This is what civilized people do on a Saturday – at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I gave Sugar-Boy a bath so he could sit on my lap and watch YouTube videos with me…He really enjoys this. Last night I discovered that he had made himself a little “nest” under my bed. He had dragged various items related to me under there…my laptop bag (the leopard one, of course!), one of my night-shirts, and both of my gold ballet-flats (he was sleeping in my shoes!). So, I got the message that he was needing my attention…missing me. I have to admit, it felt nice. So, after his bath (which always includes tons of high-pitched baby talk), I overheard Byron telling Sugar-Boy – in no uncertain terms – “…just remember, she loves me more!”.

Oh well, what did I do to deserve so much male attention?…

So, now we’re all taking a break and watching “Survivor Man” on The Discovery Channel. It’s pretty amazing.

Sugar-Boy is not impressed, though. He prefers the YouTube videos…especially music videos. I think he’s particularly fond of John Mayer and Josh Groban. He doesn’t care for Sarah McLaughlin, though. I think her voice is too high and lilting for his ears…I love it, though – especially, “In the Arms of the Angels”.

Wow! This is quite a random post. It’s kind of a random day, I guess.

Well, back to “Survivor Man” – he’s eating a turtle! I don’t think that’s on my healthy eating plan…although, it wouldn’t really surprise me at this point.

Great! Now I’m hungry…

(The boys ate all the ‘Nilla wafers! It’s for the best – keeps me from being tempted.)

Here’s a quote from Mark Twain that I thought kind of fit. (I don’t even know why, but I never do!):

She was not quite what you would call refined. She was not quite what you would call unrefined. She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot. (M.T.)

Gotta run! Peace out.

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