I’m Lovin’ It…not

…so, I had a bad hamburger.

That’s what I get for having fast food instead of a spinach salad. My doctor told me to have a spinach salad…without blue cheese dressing – maybe with some salmon or something like that…

Instead, I took a nap and slept through lunch and waited until 3:00 to have lunch (not a great idea when you have blood sugar issues), so I was weak and opted for a fast-food burger instead…it did have lettuce on it, though!

So, I’ve been sick ever since.

Oh well, that’s what happens when you don’t listen to your 70+ doctor who survived being a refugee in East Germany in the 1940’s…this man knows about survival! He also knows his Bible, and gave me a “talk” about how we are to glorify God in all things “whether we eat or drink…”. So, next time he gives me lunch advice, I will listen…hopefully.

As for fast food – I think I’m ready to ban anything that is available to eat without exiting my car and handed to me through a window. I mean, honestly, do you really know what’s going on in there – on the other side of that window…who knows! Could it really be healthy if it can be cooked and handed over in less than 10 minutes? Unless it’s raw, organic produce, should it really be that fast? I guess that’s why they call it “fast-food”.

Does it really make sense to eat beef…or chicken that is that quickly prepared (or reheated) – when that “bird flu” thing does hit, we’ll be in big trouble!! But at least it will be fast (delivered in less than 10 minutes).

Anyway, as soon as I feel up to eating…anything, I’m going to eat smart (and drink more water, lay-off the chemicals, stay away from processed/refined sugars and carbs…etc.), and not just because I’m supposed to, but because it really does feel better to eat stuff that God intended for us to eat. Americans have a lot of “issues” with healthy eating. So do I, apparently.

But, this is another step in the journey – get sick-as-a-dog in order to be reminded that: “Garbage in, garbage out” is not just an old wives tale…

Here’s to things that are real.

Have a healthy and peaceful weekend.

Peace out.

2 thoughts on “I’m Lovin’ It…not

  1. I think I have been to the same doctor (Dr. M) and I think he has told me the same thing. What’s worse. To die from from food poisoning from fast food or from ecoli from organic spinach from a health food store? I think you could survive on sweet tarts because I think it’s a synthetic kind of candy where I am sure no bacteria would be able to live. I am also pretty sure that Dr. M would not agree with me! 🙂


  2. Hmm…,D’Lo – I can’t decide which one of you I should take advice from. Great, now I have to spend my Saturday conflicted and torn! (As if.)
    Have fun with your sweet tarts. I’ll be at Whole Foods building up my immunity to Ecoli. 🙂 Peace out.


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