When You Dream…

Today was a nice day – spent time with Leigh Ann at the Southern Women’s Show (I think that’s what it’s called). As both of us are directionally challenged, and the convention center is huge and not well outfitted in the “signage” department, we were tired and hungry by the time we got in the door – so we did what most conventioneers do: wander around looking for free stuff…mainly food. I’m not sure what I signed up for at the “Kashi” booth, but I’m sure it will make my life healthier…

I was just waiting for the Botox lady to tell me I would be a great candidate – my blood-sugar was pretty low at that point (it was before the Kashi booth), so I would’ve had to hit her…

The shuttle never came back to get us, so we walked back to the parking garage…how for could it be, in the scorching heat with my 30 lb. purse and all of our free samples and Kashi bars?…Well, pretty far, especially if your not sure exactly where the parking garage is!

But, after going down a rather scary winding back-road into some kind of “treatment plant”, we finally ended up at Panera – only this time we did not sit outside…we opted for air conditioning, a beautiful salad, and a cold drink…(and wifi 🙂 ).  All things considered, it was a fun day – thanks for taking me along, Leigh Ann.

On the way home, I heard the end of a song – I hate it when you change the channel and only catch the end of a song you like – anyway, I heard the end of a song…just the final lyrics, but they haunted me.

…When you’re dreaming with a broken heart – The waking up is the hardest part . (John Mayer)

I don’t know why these words caught my attention – maybe because it’s just true, and profundity always catches my ear.

I know I walk through a sea of people each day that have their own brokenness – and I’ve dealt with my own share. Everyone has a story. We never know all of it just by looking at someone’s life, or even by looking at their face. But, everyone has a story – everyone has dreams. But, it’s true that when you’re broken, your dreams can make it hard to face reality.

I pray I will be more mindful of other people’s stories. I pray that my heart will break for what breaks God’s.

I pray that it will become my ultimate dream to minister peace to the broken heart – so that they will not just want to sleep in dreams, but awake to become all that God created them to be.

So, I’ll keep dreaming…at least it’s free – and even better than convention center samples! 🙂

Love and peace to you all.

2 thoughts on “When You Dream…

  1. Thanks for the fun day…it’s always fun when you’re around – even if it involves going down dead-end roads that could be in “Halloween 1-3″…easily. – I hope you and Jeff have a wonderful trip. I’m gonna wear my glasses chain tomorrow – Peace out.


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