The Remains of the Day

This morning was about new beginnings…and closing doors.

On Friday we officially “closed” on the sale of our current property.

In January, we will take C3 church to the marketplace – meeting in multiple theaters at Waterford Town Center.

It’s the beginning of the future of C3…we will finally be able to be who we truly are.

It’s the closing of a chapter in all of our lives – these buildings…the past eighteen months of hell on earth…the inherited debt…the slander…the legal battles…the realization that a building doesn’t make a church – and that church membership doesn’t make someone Christ-like.

Doors close as others open. Now we just have to be courageous enough to walk through the open ones…and not linger too long in missing the ones that have closed.

I pray for strength – that I will not be the “weak link”. I pray for clarity of vision – for singular focus. I pray for grace and a heart of forgiveness toward those who have mercilessly persecuted those whom I love. I pray for forgiveness in those times when I have dealt too harshly toward those who have offended me. I pray for all of us.

May we be bold and strong, gentle and merciful, loving and gracious…

May we be C3.


5 thoughts on “The Remains of the Day

  1. Congratulations! Sometimes being in new surroundings can give a real boost to the mission at hand. Nothing like a “clean house” to give you the opportunity to really move forward!

    I will pray that God blesses your new location. Change can always be good, and who knows who’s life you will touch just by being in the new area. I just have a feeling that at least 1 person, but more likely so many more, will be served by your church being “in their line of sight”.


  2. Thank you for your encouragement – it’s been a long and winding road. How was Sunday in the mountains? I am a little jealous. Have a great week. Peace.


  3. Sunday was wonderful! It was our Homecoming service and you know in a Baptist church there was NO shortage of food for the dinner after the service! I think next time we have a dinner one of my “dishes” will be a big bowl-full of Tums!

    It was a beautiful sun-filled day and wonderful fellowship! Can’t wait to hear more about the big move!


  4. What absolute great news. Praise God we are finally moving!
    I learned through all this that change can be scarey, exciting, encouraging, disparaging and inspiring all at the same time!
    I’m grateful to God to all He has done for C3 and the many people that are coming.

    I pray also not to be a weak link, but strong and courageous. I sometimes allow the uncertainties in my life to stifle my joy and my abilities; may God’s strength and Christ’s joy be most evident in my weaknesses!

    May God grant us the clearity to stay remain focused on Him and not life’s uncertainties.

    I’ll be watching the game tonight, but unfortualtely, I won’t be rooting for Dallas. Sorry, I’m a bills fan. :o)

    Have a super week!


  5. Bless you, Jessy. It’s always encouraging to hear from someone who’s been with us through it all. Thanks for reading and for commenting. Have a great week. Peace.


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