Fixing My Eyes

I’m thinking, tonight, about forgiveness…about letting go and moving forward.

I’m thinking about how bitterness can keep you stuck, like quick-sand – the more you fight and struggle, the more you sink.

I’ve felt bogged down in the mire of hurt and un-forgiveness…many times. And many times I’ve had to renew my resolve to look ahead, not behind…or even down at my present predicament.

I suppose it’s innate to the human condition to focus on what is…or what seems to be, rather than what lies ahead – to lose sight of the possible while running a constant mental list of the impossibilities.

But, peace comes after the letting go, and the rescuing comes after the surrender.

So, I choose to look forward…”forgetting what lies behind, I fix my eyes on the Author and Finisher of my faith”.

And what the Enemy means to use to harm me, I will surrender to God to use for His good. There is no room for bitterness in that.

I’ve had four babies – so I know what it means to “fix my eyes”, to focus on the goal and not the pain. It’s a choice of the will.

Many times my strength fails me, when I notice the “quick-sand”, when I feel the pain – and, it’s then that my struggle can cause me to look down. But, there’s no safety there…no peace, only panic.

It is in these times of struggle that I remember – “Fix your eyes. Look ahead. Let go. Be still. Forgive…surrender…know peace.” Then comes the rescue.

And I am freed to run to my Rescuer and make His mercy mine.


2 thoughts on “Fixing My Eyes

  1. So true…Thanks for the encouragement and honesty. I have been focusing on too much of the past lately and this reminded me to keep running and keep my eyes focused on the prize. Thanks. Love ya!


  2. It’s definitely a constant process, but it is always easier with friends who encourage. Be encouraged – thanks for reading and for contributing. Love ya, Angie


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