Happy Birthday, Ashamaly…

My…our Ashley is fifteen today.

I’ve always considered Ashley to be my little fighter. She was born like that; she had to be.

When she was born, the umbilical was wrapped around her neck and caused her to go into respiratory distress…they lost her heartbeat. It was frightening, but when they finally got her stabilized, the doctor came in and said, “All I can say is that she’s a little fighter…”

When she was three, she was pulled from the bottom of the pool.

Then, this summer, while riding a four-wheeler, she made a turn too quickly and drove into a fence. The fence went down and the crossbar hit her in the neck, throwing her from the vehicle. Barry O. and Adam I. ran to her – Adam thought her neck was broken…but, again, she got up – bruised and shaken – but, okay.

We’ve told her A) Be careful, slow down, don’t “run” so fast, and B) God must have a special plan for you to fulfill.

Ashley is quiet and artistic, and yet fun and spirited. She has a quick wit, and will always have an awesome comeback. She makes us laugh. She has a huge heart, and a passion for God.

We love her, and we’re so glad God gave her to us.

Happy Birthday, Ashamaly – we are so glad you were born! 🙂


Mom, Dad, Kayleigh, Nate, and Ethan (Leah, Sassy and Sugar-boy).

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