Wake Me When It’s Tuesday!

Another Monday…

A Monday morning after being sick over the weekend can be…challenging. Finding shoes, backpacks and matching socks – realizing there’s no more milk or lunch meat (a real crisis since peanut butter has been banned from Nate’s class) – remembering after Nate left for school with Byron that I had let him brush his own hair, and had forgotten to check it – finding Ethan’s backpack AFTER he had already left for school! And this all before 8 a.m.!

Conclusion: It doesn’t pay to get sick! It’s apparently in The Mom Handbook, I just must have skipped that chapter.

But, getting out of the house with Andrea and Leigh Ann was nice. Heath, btw, was a perfect angel – I think Leigh Ann’s making the whole “busy child” thing up – he adopted me as his new bff and showed me his Micky Mouse toy…he made me feel special. 🙂

Amanda came back from California, and got up this morning and hit the gym…I hit something, it just wasn’t the gym. I wanted to hate her…I tried, but you can’t hate a bff, even if they insist on always doing the right thing – like exercising on a Monday morning…things like that 🙂 . She probably brushed Emma’s hair and sent her with matching socks too! Showoff!!

So, my mothering abilities won’t win me any awards, but we’re having salmon for dinner. If your kids hate your healthy dinner, you’re a good mom…right? I think it’s in chapter two, right after “Things Mom’s Say A Lot” (for example: “because I said so”, “get down off that”, “fingers don’t belong there”, and “wait ’til your father gets home” – and my personal favorite: “I am going to lose my mind today – I have already decided!”).

Just another manic Monday…

But, tomorrow’s Tuesday – and this time I really am going to go get my nails done!

I wonder if you can wash socks and underwear with shampoo, because I just realized that I’m out of laundry detergent…I bet Amanda has plenty of laundry detergent! Showoff!!

(Confession: I’m also making hot dogs, ‘cuz I know my kids won’t really eat salmon – great, now I get no “good mom points”!)

Oh well, the boys have school pictures tomorrow, so I better go find some matching socks…or knit some or something…as if!


p.s. Seriously, thanks, Andrea, for making me get out of the house…the whole “stay-at-home-mom” thing is not always a pretty sight – thanks for keeping me from wallowing in my misery. Love ya! Andrea and me.

7 thoughts on “Wake Me When It’s Tuesday!

  1. Okay, seriously…you’re giving me way too much credit. I went to the gym today, yes. But NOT because I’m so disciplined, but because I had lots of sugar-filled coffees and greasy food while in California. Can’t wait to hang out! I missed you!


  2. Too much credit? You mowed the lawn before going out of town! If I were going away, I’d leave Papa John’s number and tell them to consider nudity as an option if the clean laundry runs out! Seriously, you’re an inspiration, and I missed you sooo much! Don’t ever leave me…I mean, all of us again! 🙂 Love you. Angie


  3. Yeah for days off! I had SO MUCH FUN catching up! Love ya!
    Oh… and Spencer really isn’t that annoying. That is only if you also love nails on a chalkboard, drills in a dentist’s office, other peoples screaming children… etc.


  4. Yeah! I was watching some of his stunts and heard screaming, then realized…it was me! Scary!!! And Heidi, of course, had to be a blonde (not the antithesis kind, though!). Thanks for the day. Peace.


  5. Barry, you are up entirely too late, young man (sounds pretty mom-ish, huh?). Thanks for the vote of cofidence, I think that deserves some chicken enchiladas! 🙂 Have a great day – it’s still your birthday week, after all! Peace.


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