i now have a fever.

but what really made me ill is the commercial for a new show that will be coming out soon.

it’s about “thirty something” women who want to look like they did when they were cheerleaders in high school!

they try to squeeze into their old uniforms…

it gave me chills!

my uniform was a size 2.

i am a grown woman now.

i do not want to be a size 2.

i think my fever is getting worse.

who thinks of these shows?

i’m gonna venture a guess that the creator has lots of testosterone in his system…

anyway, that just struck me as weird, so i guess i thought i should get that off my chest.

bottom line: my memoirs will not be titled “I want to look like a high school cheerleader“!

i feel better now – not really, but at least i got that out.


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