Family Reunion…with myself!

Okay, so I am sick of being sick.

I’m beginning to wonder if I am allergic…to myself!

I can’t seem to get rid of of this cold, and now I’m developing this cough that’s driving me crazy!!

My head hurts like I didn’t have caffeine today…only, I did.

We’ll see how tonight goes…maybe I just need a good night’s sleep.

Today was pretty good – we spent most of the day with the boys, although a lot of it was in the car…

We’ve got a lot of dreams for C3…

More on that will come later.

I have so many ideas and thoughts in my head, sometimes it makes me crazier than normal – too many voices in my head.

Maybe that’s why I’m allergic to myself – there’s a little too much going on in my head.

Byron always says that he gets bored so easily, he loves change – except for in his marriage to me. I say that’s because I have so many personalities…if he gets bored with one – just wait five minutes, I’ll change!

Now I just need to figure out which one of my selves I am least allergic to.

(Wow, that even sounds nuts to me!)

What’s even crazier is that I am allergic to benadryl…if I take a normal dose it makes me jittery and my heart races – isn’t that the opposite of what it does to normal people?

Leave it to me to be allergic to allergy medicine, but I can pull poison ivy out by the roots and it does nothing to me!

See! It’s crazy-making to live with myself.

Maybe one of us needs to move out!! (Not one of the other people in the family – one of my “selves”…Nevermind!)


P.S. Byron just said that reading this post made his head hurt. I KNOW! That’s what I’m saying…CRAZY-MAKING!!!!!

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