Updates from the Edge…

…the edge of – I don’t know! Fill in the blanks. Definitely, sanity…or losing it.

Anyway, here’s a few thoughts from wherever I am:

*I love it when people comment on my blog – it makes me feel connected.

*I hate it when a post has been out there for several hours…or ten seconds, for that matter, and I discover a spelling or grammatical error – I detest that immensely!!!

*I love a clean house – especially a clean bedroom that smells like Pledge…but I’m not a huge fan of the actual cleaning of my whole house…it’s exhausting (but at least I’ll sleep well and dream of…furniture polish?).

*My dogs are getting groomed today – I can’t tell you how much this excites me! Sugar Boy will be even more lovable all clean with bows in his hair!!! I can’t wait to see him!

*What does it say about my life that I am so looking forward to seeing my 4 lb. dog’s hairdo? – I’ll think about that later!

*What is “millsberry”, and why does my six year old continue to be obsessed with it?

*We have no carpet in our house. Too many pets and allergies. Keeping the floors in this house clean – with so many pets and kids – is nauseous-making…

*Again, how does my microwave end up looking like a crime scene?

*When Sugar Boy gets home, I think I’ll dress him up in his camping outfit…

More later – gotta go scrub some floors!

Peace out.

One thought on “Updates from the Edge…

  1. I am looking forward to seeing Sugar Boy in his camping outfit! 🙂 That would be too cute! I had fun chatting with you tonight. See you tomorrow.
    Love ya!


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