Footnotes from Blogland

There are quiet times in Blogland – it seems like this is one of those times…times when no one seems to be writing much, or reading much, either.

My love affair with blogging takes me on a roller coaster of emotions. I get so excited when someone posts something new…or better yet, when everyone on my toolbar does! And it’s such a deflation when I see nothing has changed – even for days. Then, there’s the blog stats! WordPress publishes stats in “real time” so you can see how much traffic your blog is getting. This can be a blessing and a curse. Last week was a record week for me – off the charts! This week has been stinky. I’m not too proud to say that this kind of depresses me.

Oh well, my love of blogging is a very fickle thing – but, I guess that’s one thing that makes me love it so…

This weekend is going to be busy and great. We’re planning some awesome things for the service, and I’m expecting God to continue to move like He did last Sunday…that was truly amazing!

So, if no one seems to be reading right now, I’ll just keep blogging anyway…I can’t help myself! I enjoy the challenge.

BTW, just as a confession:  After 3 days of absolutely no caffeine, I broke down and had a coffee this morning…a medium, not large, no extra shots, and sugar-free! But, I enjoyed every moment of it! Of course, now I may have to start over in detox-land…(don’t tell anyone, but it was worth it).

Tonight, I’m doing one of my favorite things: washing and folding laundry while watching re-runs of Law & Order.

Yea for me!

Gotta run, now – I think I hear the dryer buzzer!


5 thoughts on “Footnotes from Blogland

  1. I read. Just don’t always know what to say in my own blog. How do you check how many people have read your blog? Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday with your gold glitter eyes. Love, Patti


  2. See! Now, I’m in love once again…
    Thanks, Leigh Ann and Patti, y’all make it all worth it!
    I appreciate the kind words and the fact that you comment.

    Leigh Ann: You know you’re blogalicious…you’ve been with me practically since the beginning – I will babysit for you if you will blog more!
    Patti: Just write what’s on your heart and mind – random things…it certainly doesn’t have to be profound. Just be your lovable self. Thanks for noticing the glitter…what can I say, it’s what I do! We’ll talk about the blog stats.

    Luv you both, please keep blogging and commenting. It makes the roller coaster so much more worth all those tokens 🙂


  3. Thanks, Monica! I read your site too – it’s great!
    Thanks for the kind words and for commenting. Have a great one – C U @ C3! Love, Angie (Peace out).


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