Happy Wednesday (…sigh)

So, happy Wednesday to you…

…unless you are currently enjoying any caffeinated beverage…especially, anything with multiple shots of espresso in it – then, you must know, I am struggling with malicious thoughts toward you, and you probably should run if you see me approaching…just a tip!

Otherwise, happy, happy Wednesday to you!

It’s 9:45 and I have already eaten two high-protein meals (4 0z. steak and raw spinach)…I think today’s going to be the worst day as far as detoxing – but, Byron says tomorrow will probably be worse…GREAT!!!!

It’s stormy outside – that’s fitting…it’s stormy around me, too. Byron keeps telling me that my body is getting rid of junk and my brain is telling me I have to have it, when I really don’t…blah, blah, blah. I think I would really feel better if I could hit someone in the face…and then have a box of twinkies.

But, I know that violence is not the answer, and I probably wouldn’t have the energy anyway…

So, sorry about what I said (and for my evil thoughts), coffee drinkers. I wish you no harm…really! I don’t wish that your coffee would suddenly taste horrible and…SORRY! Drink in peace, really!

Now I’ve got to go slam my hand in a door or something, so I don’t feel my splitting head!

Happy Wednesday!

Peace out.

2 thoughts on “Happy Wednesday (…sigh)

  1. A couple of weeks!!!!
    Seriously, I would love to watch you drink coffee…maybe the fumes would help my headache – or maybe I would slap the Barrista…just kidding! I’m really not as bitter as I sound. I’m proud of you for your six a.m. workout – impressive! Hope to see you soon – LuvYa, Angie.


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