Sweet Dreams

So, anyone who knows me well knows a couple of things:

*I love coffee, espresso, java…I have even enjoyed carob covered coffee beans as a snack. I can put away a quadruple-shot latte without thinking twice. My caffeine levels are at epoch proportions.

*I hate exercising. I love the thought of being a person who exercises. I just can’t be bothered by the actual act of exercising.

*My immune system is not so great – especially when I’m under stress.

*I’m hypoglycemic and should avoid all processed food, sugars and should eat 5-6 times a day.

So, all these things in mind, we (Byron…and I) have decided to repair some of the stress damage that has taken place over the last year, and prepare for the rapid pace that’s going to continue to increase.


My personal plan allows for -1) no sugar, salt or processed food -2) no caffeine – basically, nothing but water (100 ounces of water!) -3) exercise, and more exercise. -4) six high protein meals – lots of eating, but no fun food!

Did I mention the caffeine addiction?

So now I am having major withdrawals from…my life! My head is killing me, I feel achy – like the flu, and I would seriously injure someone for a piece of bread!!!! Also, drinking so much water is HORRIBLE! Didn’t someone die a while back from drinking too much water?!

And to top it all off, I am realizing just how much of a drama-queen I really am. This morning I told Byron that I felt like I have nothing left to look forward to IN MY LIFE now that I don’t have my coffee. He made the mistake of telling me that if I really want coffee, or anything else, he’ll get it for me. “Just don’t look so sad, please! I can’t take it!”, he said. This was the wrong thing to let me know – now I feel compelled to look sad ALL DAY!!!

Did I mention that my head hurts?

I’m going to try to go to sleep now…and dream of carob covered coffee beans…and my Oma’s braided bread…with butter…and cinnamon…and cheese…and sushi…and fried cheesecake…and Little Debbie “Star Crunch”!

Sweet dreams!


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