It’s late…for a Sunday. It’s been a full day. This morning was great. I really worked up a sweat in the worship set this morning – the energy level was electric. Of course, all the baptisms were awesome to see…and feel. The message was great and left us wanting to know more of God’s Word and how it relates to our lives. We’re all looking forward to the rest of The End.

The little ones of C3 were excited to have their own new space for puppets called “Playhouse”. I love to see the brightness in their eyes as they learn about God’s love in such a fun way.

The bustling for all that would take place on Sunday evening began in the afternoon. The youth workers, Pastor Travis and Barry O. worked hard to get ready for Crave – our student ministry. Since we baptized two youth as a direct result of this ministry this morning – it was even more exciting to see and appreciate all of the hard work that goes into it.

Also, there was a fish-fry for the Home-Team leaders – to thank them for their faithfulness and talk about our future.  Seeing the faces of those who have truly helped bear the brunt of the changes at C3 was moving to me. I was very emotional just looking around the room with gratitude at friends and fellow laborers who have been so commited – often to the point of personal sacrifice.

So many things about today reminded me that God is with us – that He hears, He know, He sees. He is walking through all of this with us (…through the fire and through the storm), and He will never let us go.

It’s been a full day. A day that I definitely needed. I’m humbled, challenged, and grateful for every part of it. It’s like oxygen…like breath to me. So tomorrow, the journey continues.

Here’s another quote I like:

A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. -Mark Twain

So true!


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