Heaven Will Know…

Tonight, I am thinking about sacrifice, grace, and real love.

These things are the arms, legs, hands, feet, and heart of the movement of God.

These things can change the world by making room at the table of grace for everyone.

These things can offer hope to the hopeless and suffering.

These things can take the hand of the desperate and dying and lead them to the open arms of a good and gracious God.

These things can change the face of heaven, as one more soul realizes how much they are loved.

Every tear shed for another’s eternity can water the ground upon which hope may grow.

Every heart that breaks for a stranger’s suffering is seen and mended by the ultimate Healer.

Every sacrifice made in the name of Jesus will return again in immeasurable joy.

This is the heartbeat of God…and it must be our mission – no matter the cost.

The Church of the Living God must be the hands and feet of His grace, and break out of our apathy –

This lazy religion that says we are only interested in the soul of a man and not also his blindness, lameness, or grief…

How much more open is the heart of the one who is no longer hungry, hurting, desperate or cold?

If we can turn a deaf ear to the cries of:

The little child being abused.

The mother desperate to feed her children.

The addict abandoned to the demons of his mind.

The religious who has blinded himself to the truth of God.

If we do not hear them, how will they hear us?

Love demands more: sacrifice, pain, even heartbreak to pave the path of peace.

Heaven can look different for our tears, or we can just tell ourselves that one more soul won’t matter…

The choice is ours. God made His choice when He sacrificed His most prized possession for us…for them.

What will we do with His choice, His sacrifice and His love?

How much are we willing to endure?

What is one life really worth?

Can a small group of committed people really change the world? They did two thousand years ago.

I guess it just depends on how committed we really are.

The world around us will know…heaven will know. – A. L. B.

It’s time to see what we’re really made of…

How much is one life worth?


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