It’s a happy Wednesday because…

*Byron replaced the batteries in our digital scale, but since I don’t believe in weighing myself…EVER, it’s all good!

*I bought some sparkly, gold eyeliner (which I use as eye shadow, because less is not more in my world…more is more!) the other day, for church, and decided that it is also officially my Happy Wednesday eye shadow now – I’m such a girl!

*I’ve been reminded again, yesterday and today, that I have some awesome friends. They lift me up and give me breath…

*I’ve been privileged to participate in some of the C3 staff meetings – these pastors are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill God’s vision for C3 and Orlando. Their excitement is contagious, and I can’t wait to see how God’s going to use them in the coming months.

*Oh yeah, did I mention the eyeliner thing?…really I can’t say enough about the difference sparkly eyelids make in one’s overall outlook on life!

*Byron and I had a lunch meeting with the other pastors, and at one point we were all laughing so loud, I thought we would be invited to leave…it’s been a long time – it felt really good.

*I got to talk with Amanda while we were both in the same carline…in separate cars…for the second day in a row. I know she thinks I just make up reasons to call her and…I do!

*I got a sweet email from my sister and a friend from high-school (whom I haven’t seen in 17 years!).

*I had ravioli for breakfast.

All for now. Peace.

4 thoughts on “Because…

  1. Monica, it is my personal belief that all those people out there in the C3 congregation and such as and the like shall be able to see my glittering eyelids, even if they are on the back row this coming Sunday…for our future and the children! Peace out.


  2. Darrell, be careful! I would hate to have to spam you – besides how do you know that they don’t grow cheese in Minnesota! Is this a racial thing, D’lo? You need to get your heart right!! Peace.


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