I Do Remember

I thought about not writing about it at all.

Not because I’m unfeeling – but because I do feel it, still, so deeply.

I just thought about ignoring the fact that the very date itself – 9/11 – represents sadness and heartache.

I won’t watch the news or listen to talk-radio tomorrow. I can’t. I will honor the memory of those who died by just simply honoring them, but not by inundating myself with gruesome images…after all, I’ll never forget the real 9/11. I’ll never forget staring at my t.v. and thinking, “What am I seeing? This can’t be real!”

It’s one of those days in your life that you never forget, and you don’t have to relive it to…relive it.

I remember. I will never forget. It’s burned into my memory, and my heart and soul. It’s there forever, and I will honor the memory by going about my day, in peace and freedom – in quiet reverence of what the day represents for all of us who will never forget.

All life is precious to our Creator. The greatest tragedy of all is one soul never feeling the grace, mercy, and love of God. So, tomorrow I will be reminded again that life is fragile and always briefer than we hope, so I must not waste time in the planning to love, but find more ways to show love, give love and be the love of God to those who are strangers to it.

On the day that, for so many of us, represent terrible sadness and horrific tragedy, I choose to be compelled to be more about love. I can honor the memory of my loss by filling the void with love.

I remember. I will never forget. In remembering, I choose to erase the hate with love, forgiveness, and peace. I choose to fight for love!

Remember. Peace.

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