Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday (bah dah bah duh dah dah…)

I think every Monday could use some sixties music, and I have always loved “The Mamas and the Papas“. My favorite is Mama Cass singing “Dream a little dream of me“.

Today has been okay – as Mondays go…wasn’t at home at all, so four loads of laundry this morning is all I got done. Of course, there’s always tonight!

The two carlines were pretty uneventful, especially since Byron let the boys play in his office so they didn’t have to go with me to get the girls…carline in peace and quiet, by myself – it’s a good thing (except, maybe, for Byron’s office).

So, now I’m gonna listen to sixties music from my childhood, and finish my chores! Bah dah, bah duh dah dah….

Dream a Little Dream…

My favorite!

Peace out, man!

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