It's Gettin' Hot in Here…

So, being sick on a Saturday is one thing, but being sick, grouchy and HOT adds another dimension.

Anyone who spends any time with us knows that we’ve battled certain “issues” since we bought this house. I’ve mentioned before that I can tend to romanticize certain things and see “what could be, rather than what is…”. That can be cute, unless it causes you to influence your husband to buy a house that…well, there was a movie in the 80’s called “The Money Pit” (How come it’s a comedy when it’s someone else’s misery?).

The day after we got the keys to this house, we began to notice that there was a slight discrepancy between what the air conditioning thermostat was set on and what the actual temp was…in other words, we were paying an electricity bill for 72 degrees and getting 85 degrees (one time, it was over 90). Needless to say, the air was not working, and we ended up replacing the main 5-ton unit for the house. Normally, that would be the end of the air problems…

If paying for 72 and getting 85-90 was bad, then paying to replace a 5-ton air unit and expecting…well, air conditioning and getting…well, 80-85 (while still paying for 72-76) is even more sickening.

So, now 2 years later…we know a couple of things:

*Listening to your poet-wife can make you do crazy things…and not feel the “heat”.

*Trusting that, because someone is a “God-fearing” church member who says they know everything there is to know about air,…doesn’t mean they won’t “fleece” you – and then leave your church.

*Everything feels better with air conditioning.

*We try to remember how hot we were all the rest of the year when it’s 34 degrees outside, because…well, the “air expert” didn’t hook up the heat properly…but, we do have a fireplace, and I find sitting in front of a blazing fire in thick socks very romantic (I really do).

*In real estate terms, “charming” and “lots of character” really means…get out your checkbook!

So, now we are going to: 1) Use a reputable air service. 2) Replace our 5-ton unit again. 3) Never take a single moment in air conditioning for granted…ever! 4) Thank God (seriously) we are blessed to own a home and have the privilege to even have air conditioning…even if it’s not perfect all the time.

Next time I’m tempted to complain about having to dress like I’m going skiing in the Alps just to go to church, I will remember what the lack of reliable air feels like. After all, I’ve always wanted to go skiing in the Alps…it’s a dream of mine! It’s all about perspective and being grateful for what you have, right?

So, air or no air, I know where my blessings truly lie…and I am blessed.

Now I have to go drink “green super-food” sludge so I can get well and have the energy to clean my lovely 80 degree house. Cooler weather must be just around the corner, anyway, because I just received a magazine with pumpkins on it!

For today, I’m just going to tell myself that the heat is really coming from a blazing fire in my ski chalet in the Alps…it pays to be a romantic!

2 thoughts on “It's Gettin' Hot in Here…

  1. Sorry about your air conditioning and not feeling well. You could come to Cuppy’s. It is cooler here. You could even get an iced drink to help cool you down.

    We use Cool Zone A/C. Their number is 407-859-1940. The owner is Mark and he does the AC here at Cuppy’s, at our house and at PIONEERS. Tell him we sent you.

    Hope you are better by tomorrow.

    Journeying together,



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