Still Wie Die Nacht…please!

So, our excursion to Epcot didn’t turn out quite like we planned – which stinks because now our passes are expired. The web said the park opened at 9:00, so after carline #2 we headed that way. We made a quick stop at Cuppy’s to check on Bill and get great coffee…my heart breaks for him, and we keep praying for guidance for him and Patti.

We got to the park and noticed the crowd was low (which meant we parked in the “back 40″…literally!) – this should’ve been a red flag. Then, we head toward the “World Showcase”, already in desperate need of air conditioning. We notice a crowd of people around what should have been the bridge before “Paris” – it was blocked-off and didn’t open ’til 11:00. Byron wanted to leave…mainly because I kept having to sit down – I was just feeling weird…kind of drained and dizzy (my hypoglycemia makes that a common occurrence). So, we hung out in the little garden in “England” for a while, and I say, “how much longer ’til 11:00?”. Byron says, “Well, it’s been twelve minutes…”.

So, we headed slowly back to the Big Ball area to find some air…btw, that Coke from around the world sampling room is mostly gross, but it did have awesome a.c.! Then, we became more knowledgeable about our environment and how to grow plants by hydroponics…I would love to have a nine pound lemon – that would be awesome! We also learned a lot about the Viking Warlords…they were pretty fierce. I asked Byron if he had any Viking in his bloodline…he didn’t seem amused.

Finally, they opened the ropes with great fanfare and we headed to “Italy”. We were going to eat and find a cd of beautiful Italian operas…not Byron’s description, but I could already hear them in my head. Italy was right there, we had finally made it – Then, we noticed that there was a huge wall around where I was going to enjoy lovely pasta creations, super strong espresso, and tira misu (I know, I know – I’m not supposed to eat like that! Back off!!)! The restaurant, etc. was gone, under construction or something like that. We just stood there like it was a joke. Then, we turned and walked back…through all the countries…past the weird Coke concoctions…under The Ball…to the “back 40″parking lot.

We did end up having a nice meal at The Cheesecake Factory, and I didn’t have any cheesecake.

Half-way through lunch I said, “I feel worse.”, and Byron said, “Me, too.”

So, now we’re home and we are sick. I do think some Italian espresso, tira misu, and a glorious opera cd would have healed us. But, if I have anything tonight, it will just be chicken soup.

I wonder if the Viking Warlords ever got sick and had to eat chicken soup?

Now I’m just looking forward to going to bed. My six year old said, “I love nighttime ‘cuz you finally get to rest” last night before he feel asleep (I guess first grade is pretty taxing). That’s how I feel today. I can’t wait ’til nighttime, so I can rest. That reminds me of an aria I used to sing, “Still wie die Nacht” (Calm is the night). See, opera IS right!

Let’s hope this nacht is still..for you as well. Peace.

2 thoughts on “Still Wie Die Nacht…please!

  1. I am sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. Sorry too that your day to “Italy” didn’t happen.

    Thanks for checking on Bill. I appreciate it. Rest well.

    Love you. Journeying together, Patti


  2. Thanks, Patti. I hope you had a good day. I’m planning to feel better tomorrow…no matter what – I want to see you in the cafe! I hope you have a restful night too. Love you, Angie


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