Finally Friday!

Friday is finally here. No C3 work today – of course, still sick kids and carlines…but, it’s friday at least.

So, I’m gonna add a more tranquil song before the opera arias to give non-classical music fans a break. We all could use more tranquility in our lives. Last night I watched several Pavarroti videos of him singing classic arias and also with The Three Tenors…and I was sad because now I’ll never see him perform “live” – Byron said, “I never knew you wanted to.” I guess you don’t know how much you want something until the possibility is gone.

When Pavarotti sings “Nessun Dorma”, I get choked up. It just moves me – music is such a powerful medium. I hope he found peace and truth before his death. What a gift he was given by God.

Anyway, watching him sing reminded me of how much I miss that kind of music. Byron and I are going to Epcot today, so maybe I’ll swing by “Italy” and pick up some CD’s.

I hope you all have a tranquil day – and find peace and truth, as well. And I hope you use your gifts and talents to glorify God always…time is shorter than we think. I think The Maestro would agree.


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