Thursday Thoughts

Thursdays are weird. They are kind of like a wild card. Some weeks they mean a crazy week is winding-down, and some weeks it just feels like another weekend is coming like a Mack truck – and that’s when all the work we’ve done all week comes together. For us, Sunday is “D-Day” (not in the “death and destruction” way, but in the “it’s mac-daddy important” way). I’m taking a break from singing on the platform this week (my soul always wants to sing, but I’m having to give the rest of me a break now and then), so there’s a little less pressure.

So, it’s Thursday…and Sunday’s coming…like a Mack truck.

I can’t decide what kind of Thursday this feels like. So many important decisions had to be made this week – so much planning and thinking. It’s been kind of an emotional roller-coaster. So, I think, mostly, I’m just worn out.

So, until the next storm of activity hits, I think I’ll just wash some laundry, maybe even organize my closet – do something, anything, that’s mundane and in my control. The problem is, when you get used to a “rat race” pace, just staying home can be difficult…maybe I’ve become so used to crisis and drama, almost like I don’t know what to do without it.

Of course, it’s only 8:30…so, I can make all the mundane, practical plans I want, and that can change in a moment. One phone call, one “glitch”, one conversation with Byron where he says anything that includes the phrase, “You’re gonna think I’m crazy, but…” – and we’ll be off to the races!

But, for the next few moments, I’m going to drink my coffee and be still…and let this Thursday figure itself out. For a little while, this is going to be a plain old, boring Thursday – no crisis, no excitement, no strategy, no dreaming…only coffee and stillness.

Here’s to boring, mundane Thursdays – long may they reign!


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