Thank Goodness for Electricity…and Microwaves!

Okay, so…shortly after I wrote my last blog, I started a load of laundry then sat down to drink my coffee – Then, Byron said, “Let’s go…” – and now I’m just getting home to stay at 5:15! We made some more decisions – kept Barry and Darrell from going to lunch at a decent time – and planned, strategized and discussed like it wasn’t supposed to be my boring, mundane Thursday!

So, now I’m home and there’s supper to make, homework to do, and all the chores still here to do that I was supposed to leisurely accomplish on my boring, mundane Thursday.

Honestly, though, does my family really need to eat, wear clean clothes, and become educated? What if a natural disaster occurred and I couldn’t do those things? Peanut butter and dirty laundry is good enough during the aftermath of a hurricane – where are the hurricanes, anyway? Maybe we’ve all grown soft because of our dependence upon modern conveniences! Of course, if I lost power, I’d have no Internet…Never-mind, I love technology!!!

So, I’m gonna make dinner, wash 42 loads of laundry, and be thankful for electricity.

How come even though I am a grown woman who is relatively educated and intelligent, my fourth grader’s homework can reduce me to tears? Just a question! I’m really not that bitter.

Gotta run – that healthy and nutritious, yet completely microwaveable dinner won’t “cook” itself!


P. S. Byron says no one will read my blog if I put Opera music on it…But, Pavarotti died today, and I need to go back to my roots – Rigoletto, btw, is the first opera I ever went to…I was mesmerized!  Then came The Magic Flute with my little German “Oma” – again, loved it!  So turn the volume down or enjoy…Whatever! Peace.

7 thoughts on “Thank Goodness for Electricity…and Microwaves!

  1. Angie,

    I can relate to going from crisis to crisis and no down time in between and when you have down time, you look around your house and don’t know where to start so you sit down and read a book. Or at least you want to. And when it is a mundane boring day you don’t know what to do with yourself because it is boring because you are used to going crazy. Glad you weren’t bored today. Will miss you up front on Sunday but hope to see you in the cafe. Love you. Journeying Together. Patti


  2. I’ll listen to it. If you can’t appreciate the classics you can’t truly appreciate modern/contemporary music. Tell the Pastor that he needs to listen to a little more music than country.:-) Come on Angie, be proud you’re bringing some culture to that country boy.


  3. Naw – He’s more into Jazz than anything else, pretty much anything but opera…He loves rock and rap – as long as it has a beat…but NO opera!! But, no one will argue that he’s not the same “meat & potatoes” man I married! Sorry about making you miss your lunch hour. Peace.


  4. Patti, I don’t think I could buy bored if I wanted to…oh well, maybe tomorrow! Hope to see you in the cafe – your smile brightens my day. Maybe I’ll sing the following week, we’ll see! LuvYa. Angie


  5. Yeh, I have noticed he has broadened his horizons. Someday when he’s able to enjoy opera you’ll know he is a true music man. And maybe when I am able to listen to county I will have arrived. No worries about lunch, anytime spent with friends is well worth a delayed lunch.


  6. Jen – I miss your blogs so much, but I still check every day. The truth is we mute them too when we’re really trying to read…but I won’t tell! Have a great one. Peace.


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