100 Posts – Where Would I Be Without You?

So, this marks my one hundredth post! I’m actually surprised that it took me this long (around 3 1/2 months) to post one hundred times. When Byron told me that he was going to begin blogging and he asked if I might have some “words”…I said, “I’ve got one or two…”.

Last night I read through my previous blogs, and remembered what I was thinking and feeling with each post. Many emotions return as I read my “journey chronicles”, and mostly I know that getting my thoughts and feelings out and expressing them was helpful and therapeutic.

In so many ways, it feels like so long ago that I posted that first blog about my dreams of Switzerland; it almost seems like another life, but I still feel as I did then about friendship, ministry and life, in general. I guess I’ve just learned more and more that those things that were important to me in that very first blog are even more precious now. Knowing who you can trust, being willing to take risks, not allowing the “blizzards” of hurt and even betrayal to keep me inside the safety-zone of my metaphorical “swiss chalet”…

I’ve become more determined in my dreams and mission, and less reliant upon the approval of others to feel safe as I follow them. I’ve decided to love more, fight more, forgive more, challenge more, understand more, demand more…and choose to be at peace more – no matter what blizzards are raging around me.

Blogging a hundred times has given me the gift of understanding more fully who I am and what’s really important to me. My priorities are still the same: faith, love, hope, joy, truth, perseverance, and…peace – I just am quicker to rule out the things that get in the way of these priorities. For me, that’s been the real gift of blogging: greater clarity.

Seeing more clearly who I am and what I believe is a great gift – being able to express it is priceless.

So, for now, I’ll keep blogging – I think it’s in my blood now. Thanks to all of you who read – even if it’s to critique or patronize – I’m okay with that now because I know what really matters. And, after all, if you really make me mad, I can just channel that into an awesome post! My life experiences, especially the gruelling ones, only give me more of a platform to speak into the lives of those around me. So:

Let the thunder roll – Bring on the night! Shine on Morning Star amidst the midnight. Let the thunder roll – I’ll stand and fight. ‘Cuz Your love is shining down on me like the dawn’s early light…

One hundred posts: It’s a great thing! And I’m looking forward to a hundred more. That’s a hundred more chances to chase after faith, fight for love, facilitate hope, choose joy, rejoice in truth, aspire to perseverance…and know real peace.

It’s been quite a ride so far, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the story. There’s enough peace for the journey, and “the struggle will bring me home…”

Peace to you all…one hundred times, peace!

4 thoughts on “100 Posts – Where Would I Be Without You?

  1. Thanks, girlie. You and the other “wives” keep me sane, you know. A book? We’ll see. Maybe when I have a few extra years…That would be one crazy book, though, especially if it was autobiographical! Wow – it would take me months just to think of a title. Thanks for reading, and commenting – and most of all for BEING THERE. You are truly a “shelter friend”. Love you, Angie.


  2. Thanks Angie for blogging. Your blogs have definitely helped me see things I needed to see, realize things I need to think about and encourage me. So keep on blogging. Love, Patti


  3. Patti, I value your friendship so much, and pray for you often – Thanks so much for reading, commenting and for being such an encouragement to me and so many others – Remember “we are the message”, and you are a message of grace (and so C3!). Love you, Angie.


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