One More…in the name of love

Byron and I spent the weekend, in part, examining our ministry at C3 through the eyes of someone coming in from the outside. As Byron announced on Sunday, Josh Wilson (lead singer of Riverdale) is coming to be a part of the C3 team- He’s moving to Orlando for no other reason than to be a part of what God’s doing here in, and through, this community of faith.

It’s often difficult for us to explain the C3 reality – and what it’s cost – to other Christians (especially if they’ve grown up in church or been a part of a ministry for any length of time). It’s hard for them to truly know what it’s been like, or how passionately we feel about our mission. It’s hard…but not impossible. I think the best way is to do what he did for the past few days: live it with us, be a part of our family, sit in our sunroom (where the air is out AGAIN) and experience what it’s like to dream huge dreams for the Kingdom – and be willing to pay the price to see those dreams come true. This mission isn’t taught it’s caught…it’s absorbed.

So, as we let Josh “in” to our crazy, hectic, non-airconditioned world, we were reminded again of our own calling. When you see others willing to turn their lives upside down to do something unique and different…to break out of the bondage of what’s safe and normal, it re-inspires you to keep going. It gives us hope that their are still those out there that are willing to put it all on the line, to put all their eggs in one basket and all their cards on the table…They are all in. That’s an exciting and terrifying place to be…and it’s so C3!

So, just when we begin to feel like there is no one outside of our little team/family that “gets it” – and that you don’t want to bring anyone in close because they will surely bolt when things get tough (and things always get tough), God allows a reminder of the mission. He says, “I know you’ve been casting your nets all night and you come up feeling empty, but lower your nets one more time” – (I know you don’t trust that very many people can/will stick with you in this mission because it can hurt like…crazy, but just trust one more time) – Lower your nets one more time…and leave the results to Me.

And in being reminded of how crazy and huge our dreams are for O’town and the Kingdom, we remember again the call to obedience: “Take up your cross and follow Me“.   So, we pick it up and follow – trusting and hoping that others are with us, following also – but knowing that even if no one else makes the journey, we can do nothing else but walk on.

Seeing Josh’s eagerness and passion for “Connecting the Community with Christ”, also reminded me of how grateful I am for those who have sacrificed to stay true to the mission – and there is not one who has stayed that has not sacrificed something – Heaven will look different because of your tears. Thanks for making this journey with us when so many choose an easier path.

So, on this hot “Labor Day”, I guess it’s fitting that I refocus on my calling: Obedience. Everything else is secondary.

Walk on!


2 thoughts on “One More…in the name of love

  1. You guys rock =) We are so thankful for you guys heart and we are blessed to be a part of something so awesome!
    Thanks for everything!
    Love ya!


  2. Thanks, Monica, for your sweet comments and for your heart for the kids @C3 – You’re doing an awesome job. So glad you’re on the team. Have fun watching The Office. Peace. Angie


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