The Remains of the Day

I don’t know if it’s because it’s a holiday weekend, but this morning was hard…it was hard to get “in the zone” for all that happens on Sunday mornings. I couldn’t sleep last night, so I couldn’t wake up this morning. I assumed our crowds would be low, so I had a hard time working up the energy for the worship sets. The music seemed “quiet” , so I worried that it would be hard to connect…that everything would seem…flat and lifeless. I just was feeling off and, truthfully, thought (which never happens), “I don’t really want to go out there“.

Then, the service began, and the music started. Then, I closed my eyes, stopped worrying about the crowd, and the people came. Then, I sang like I was singing for an audience of One…and the people joined me. Then, Byron spoke and I could feel the emotion in the room – some people were even crying. Then, I forgot about myself and just worshipped God, and all of my self-centered worries faded away. Then, we all got out of the way, and God moved!

It wasn’t a spectacular move or a record-breaking move. But any time God shows up, it’s a miracle. Any time He’s allowed to break through our human worries, distraction or apathy, it’s supernatural!

So, God moved today – and in His mercy and grace, I got to be a part of it…to observe His hand working. And now, in the “remains of the day”, I’m humbled and I am glad.

I hope other believers, near-by and far away, experienced the moving of God’s hand today. It’s like breath, and it makes life worth living…even when it’s hard – especially when it’s hard.


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