Blogging On The Run

So, I have just a few minutes before I get in the car for an hour and a half…at least. Thank goodness for the DVD player! I’m looking forward to the holidays because I love the sound of Christmas movies. “A Christmas Story” and “Home Alone”, they’re just more fun to listen to…plus, I just love the holidays anyway. I have a tendency to romanticize them and build them up in my mind (kind of like the dad in “Christmas Vacation”).

But, for now, it’s “Star Wars”…or any superhero type movie. Most of them I’ve never actually seen, but they sound okay…

The morning after Thanksgiving, “it’s on”, though. Only Christmas stuff will be played in my car: Christmas carols, Manheim Steamroller, Christmas movies…etc. I might even wear a Santa hat!

Gotta run! The superheroes are calling me…


One thought on “Blogging On The Run

  1. Hey, Angie…love the new site. It’s so you! I’ve been reading this lady’s blog and it reminds me of you on your crazy days with all your kids’ going in 4 different directions. Check it out…it’s really funny:
    love ya!


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