A Blessing or a Curse?

On this date, 2037 years ago, Cleopatra ended her life. In the wake of two leaders being murdered because of their relationship with her, she left a legacy of intrigue, pain and seduction.

She was known to be beautiful and fantastic in her ability to charm. A woman of words, she was reputed to be the only member of her family in 300 years to master the Egyptian language. She was definitely a woman of influence – and she used that influence for some good, and much destruction…

Women have always had this ability, since the very beginning of time. We instinctively know how to effect a change, we were created for it – and the Enemy knows it. How do we use this gift? How do we wield the tools of our birthright – as a blessing or as a curse? Are we like Eve and Cleopatra – using everything at our disposal to persuade…and, ultimately, to destroy.

I pray that I will use my influence as a blessing…and that God will be merciful to me in those times when I have not. I pray that the women under my influence will be encouraged to use their gifts to effect positive change, facilitate peace, and minister grace.

We can learn from those who’ve gone before. Let us find our true beauty in walking in His peace…

You are beautiful: You women who walk in His peace
You are strong and courageous
As you follow and lead

You are lovers of mercy and givers of grace
Speakers of truth and true holders of faith

You are friends with compassion
Well-acquainted with grief
Yet your harbor no hatred
Seeing bitterness a thief

You are beautiful, my sisters, who have chosen this Way
Though the journey is difficult
And many have fallen away
You walk on in your mercy, your love, and your faith
For you’ve laid aside comfort for a glimpse of His grace.

So, let us fulfill our destiny by using the gift of our influence to walk in His peace and find our true beauty.


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