Happy Wednesday – And Such As – To…

…all you U. S. Americans out there and the other people like in South Africa and The Iraq and such as…!

The upside of this interview:

*She’s absolutely adorable.

*She has just shown herself to be qualified to host a morning news show on any of the Big Three major networks (or the evening news, for that matter!)

*The panelist asking the question was also blonde and seemed reasonably articulate.

*Mario Lopez understood every word she said…and such as.

*My daughter Ashley is a native of South Carolina and also a blonde, yet CAN locate a map, find the U.S., and…well…SPELL the word “map”.

*Immediately following this question, Miss Teen S.C. was awarded “Miss Congeniality” for her heartfelt compassion for all those poor U.S. Americans out there who don’t own maps (she then spearheaded a campaign to raise a gazillion dollars to buy South Africans and the Iraq maps…and such as).


I’m not throwing stones…just looking for the bright side. Happy Wednesday…and such as! Peace out.

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