Week One "Wrap-Up"

The Bledsoe Family has successfully navigated the first week of school. Here are some highlights:

*The sunrise, from the 417, is beautiful when viewed through polarized sunglasses.

*My six year old can guilt me into buying him fast-food junk because I feel bad that he has to spend so much time in the car every afternoon.

*”Mr Big Truck” didn’t speed obnoxiously by me in carline again – maybe he’s changed his ways…we’ll see!

*Nate knows how to deal with a bully…(must be passed down from father to son).

*Apparently, Kayleigh and Ashley aren’t “jiggy” with Trapper/Keeper notebooks – they’re not “the bomb”…as if! And I was so thinking they were “totally rad”.

*High school girls think it’s so cute when Kayleigh and Ashley’s dad makes their lunch! What am I, chopped liver?!!

*Sleeping-in on Saturday is glorious – unless you think it’s Friday and you’ve over-slept!!! BTW, if it had been a week day, we’d all be in trouble because I’m not moving fast early in the a.m. EVEN IF I’M ON FIRE!

*How come “waiting in carline by myself time” seems like an eternity, and “having sushi with the Leathers (and Byron) time” flies by?

*Now that I’m carpooling WITH MYSELF, I miss taking other people’s kids home from school – I didn’t know that I would miss that…but Amanda says I can pick up “my best friend, Emma” from kindergarten sometimes! Woo!! (Right now I’m throwing up my hands like the wife in Talladega Nights – just so you can get the total mental pic).

*In High School Musical Two, when Gabriella sings to Troy that she has to “go her own way” and he sings back “but what about us?”, I cry just a little bit (just a single tear rolls down…) – and btw, who names their daughter “Sharpay”? Don’t they know that’s a wrinkly dog…BUT I DIGRESS!

*So, the kids had an easier time adjusting to school than I did, but overall it was a good week…what I remember of it after being jacked-up on way to much espresso.

*Tomorrow’s gonna be “Crazy” great!

Peace out.

One thought on “Week One "Wrap-Up"

  1. Your blog made me smile! =) I love the mental picture you gave us! I think we were all missing your blogs…You hadn’t blogged since Wed! You can’t do that to us! =) See you tomorrow!


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