Thanks…for the Memories (sounds like a cheesy song!)

Thanks to everyone who made yesterday so special.

Even though there was a ton going on with the start of the school year, the blogs, phone calls, emails and gifts are greatly appreciated. I especially have appreciated the prayers and support throughout this last year.

Yesterday was a long “marathon” of a day – I did get to:

*Spend time with Byron (as we were mutually traumatized by the boys first day – they were troopers, though, and seem to have sweet teachers).

*Have coffee with friends (Amanda and Leigh Ann :-)) at Cuppy’s, my favorite coffee shop, (on Lee Vista).

*Spend time at C3.

*Remember what “carline” is like – three times – (especially when some people in big trucks – not bigger than mine, but still bigger than the other cars waiting patiently – think they don’t have to wait in line like everyone else, and speed to the front of the line putting everyone else in peril)…oh the joys of the private school mentality!…anyway, I digress…remember what carline is like!

*Get to see Kayleigh have her senior pictures taken…for 2 hours!!! – I think mine took 7 minutes! She was beautiful.

*Have a wonderful sugar-free ice cream cake, made by Diane (I didn’t think this was humanly possible, she should get a Nobel peace prize!).

*Talk to my “Oma”.

*NOT work out or jog, although I did take a nap instead of lunch, I just need to do that EVERY DAY!!!

*Spend a few minutes with the kids as we ate dinner AT 7:45!!!

*Read a lot of sweet thoughts and wishes from friends.

*FINALLY go to sleep…

And here we are, and I actually don’t have time to be blogging, but I just wanted to say “Thanks” to everyone for making my crazy, marathon birthday worth running.

I love you all. Peace.

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